Dollar Store Underwear & Socks 2 J41

Besides what we call the Dollar Store “staple” categories and everyday items, such as Dollar Store housewares, auto accessories, and general merchandise, dollar plus stores can also be a great place to shop for Bra Sets, Chemise sets, Men and Boys shirts, and dollar store clothing in general just like what you would find in a Department Store. Customers depend on dollar stores (or sometimes Dollar Tree, "Five Dollar", or "10 Dollar" stores too) for a lot of their socks, underwear, and hosiery needs. Dollar plus stores have clothing products like socks, underwear, hosiery, gloves, and t-shirts. Some stores carry both adult and children's versions of these clothing items, while other stores only carry the smaller, less expensive children's versions, like dollar tree or 99 cents only stores which is glued on the dollar only concept throughout the store. As an example, a dollar store may carry both men's and women's athletic and dress socks, as well as children's socks and tiny socks for infants. Dollar Plus stores may only carry socks for kids and babies. Whether you wish to supply your store with both children's and adult socks will depend primarily on your demographic area and type of customer. One thing we know is that you need to carry seasonal clothing, at all times during the year as well. You'd do well to have shamrock- or leprechaun-themed dress socks on hand in the weeks leading up to March 17, as well as plenty of pumpkin- and witch-themed socks in the weeks leading up to Halloween. People like to buy seasonal socks to get themselves in the holiday spirit, but holiday socks are even more popular as gift items. To see our extensive line of socks, pretty lingerie, Magic Gloves, and more, contact us via e-mail or You can also call us toll free at 877-549-5210. remember, dollar store merchandise dot com is the first choice when supplying your store with dollar store underwear, socks, hosiery and more.