Dollar Store Sun & Reading Glasses 2 L46

You can carry the same quality and styles of sunglasses in your dollar store that your customers see in boutiques and department stores. People are always searching for the "perfect" pair of sunglasses, and you can help them find it. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we offer wholesale sunglasses in all styles and colors at a fraction of the price that other wholesalers offer.
Sunglasses are definitely last-minute impulse items. Keeping these items attractively displayed near the register can result in higher turnover. We offer wholesale sunglasses and reading glasses, as well as display racks with and without wheels. You can even order a complete kit that includes rack and glasses for one low price.
Let your clients know that they can quickly put together a package that consists of sunglasses, sunscreen and lip saver for less than five dollars. For people heading out to spend the weekend at the beach or on the water, this can be an inexpensive way to protect themselves and maximize enjoyment. Customers who love to garden, too, will appreciate bargain sun gear.
Teenagers love to have the latest style in sunglasses, whether these happen to be aviators, wrap-arounds, or other cutting-edge styles. Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we carry all of the latest styles in our vast inventory. We carry a wide enough range of styles to appeal to people of all ages.