Dollar Store Stickers & Magnets S65

Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, our inventory of wholesale magnets is easy to browse. We know that our dollar store customers need a good selection of appealing household essentials, and we make it easy to find descriptions, costs and package sizes of these general merchandise items. Few people think to add magnets to their shopping lists, but with a proper magnet display, you can remind them to add magnets to their shopping baskets.
Magnets can be fun and functional. Everyone uses their refrigerator to post announcements, school photos, and recipes. However, not everyone has a magnet at hand when it's needed. If you keep these items where they can be easily added to the purchase, you can increase sales and revenue in your dollar store. 
Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we carry magnets with such motifs as sports balls, ice buckets, fruit, liquor, pots and pans, and kitchen utensils. We also stock casino magnets, teddy bears, and champagne bottles. You'll also see multi-piece mixed magnet sets in our inventory, which tend to appeal to customers who know that most households are far more likely to have too few magnets, rather than too many. From peace symbols to birds, your customers can find a magnet for every person and every purpose.
Magnets can be tucked into gifts and greeting card envelopes. These items can also be used to keep important papers attached to file cabinets and are a fun way for kids to decorate their school lockers. Your dollar store can stock a wide enough range of magnets to satisfy all of these needs.