Dollar Store Party Items M50

Party accessories purchased from a retail party store can get expensive. Balloons, cards, decorations and gift bags can all add up to a surprising amount. If your customers are throwing parties, let them know they can find what they need among your stock. They'll be glad to find low-cost alternatives to the items sold at expensive greeting card stores.
Here at Dollar Store Merchandise, we carry an entire line of wholesale party accessories. Why go to a distributor who can only offer a few styles of party hats and a few types of favors? We carry the "whole shebang," from table toppers and favors to plates and napkins--and much more. You can stock your store with everything your customers will need for such varied events as kids' birthday parties and even elegant autumn dinner parties. 
In addition to party accessories, we carry a wide selection of seasonal merchandise that can add pizzazz to a party. If your customers are hosting holiday get-togethers, they can deck the walls and dress their tables with season-appropriate linens and decorations. They can even make their own invitations using supplies from your craft area!
It seems that every month there is an excuse for a party. From Spring Flings to Homecoming to anniversaries, remind your customers that they can host a memorable gathering very affordably. Whether it's just a few people gathered for coffee and cake or an entire fifth grade class over for a slumber party, you can provide it all, for less!