18 Years of Quality and Service in Dollar Store Development, Setups, and Dollar Store Merchandise Supply.

Whether you are interested in opening a NEW Dollar Store, 98 Cent Store, Dollar Plus Store or simply want to supply/convert your existing store, Dollar Stores by Buckstore Inc. offers you the best solutions. We have available for you FREE DOLLAR STORE SETUP ASSISTANCE and catalogs on more than 60,000 products (the largest variety of Dollar Store

Merchandise in the USA at the lowest prices in the industry, also visit www.DollarStoreMerchandise.com). For NEW Dollar Store startups we have available complete TURNKEY STORE packages which include buildout and labor with our OWN TRAINED CREWS, full fixture and merchandise installation, personalized training ON SITE for store operations, Merchandise Setup, POS (Point of Sale) Register/Computer Systems with individual product UPC Codes, Cameras and Security Internet Surveillance equipment, Professional Sound Systems, uniforms, etc.


At Buckstore Inc. we blow the competition away!!!