Dollar Store Key Chains 2 B73

Dollar Store Keychains are one of the most popular items sold in discount retail today. Why? because they are displayed in a spinner rack that holds up to 2000 keychains and styles that can viewed by the dollar store shopper when he enters a retail area in the front portion of the shop near the checkout area. More and more styles and models have arrived in recent years from the factory in China. They include even bottle opener key chains which are today the most sold followed by name tags that appeal to the customer as a personalized item in which he can look up his own name or year of birth or zodiacal sign and feel identified with the product. These are what in the industry are called high impulse buying items, they are a automatic eye catcher. It is very important however to include spinner racks for the items ahead of time when building a dollar store as the product placement is highly correlative to the product being sold. 

Keychains fall in this category because “if a customer does not see it, he will not buy it” said Michael Warshower of Buckstore Inc (a nationwide and international dollar store developer and supplier based in Florida). “Customers nowadays don’t have time so they enter a store with limited time. However, contrary to other industries, dollar store shoppers love to stay more time in a dollar store and tend to do the aisle by aisle shopping rather than just entering and leaving a location. They do not want to check out until they know they have covered the entire store and did not miss out on any deals” he added. Buckstore Inc dollar store setups and key chain displays can be seen on and for more information.

To Summarize, Key Chains in a Dollar Store scenario needs to be displayed right and the correct location in order for products to be picked up by the customer. Please visit our Keychains section for more information and talk to one of our representatives for more details on how to order and obtain a good deal on the displays (minimums will be required).