Dollar Store Balloons B17

We are serious about our commitment to you. We want balloons to be a vital part of the success of your store. We are here to help you. The information which you are receiving is only the first step in helping you understand the balloon business. 
And, placing your order with us is just the beginning. We want you to call us when you get your order. You’ll have questions…and we’ll be there with the answers. We want to help you become organized and comfortable with balloons. Organization is essential to your success! Once you understand how profitable your “balloon department” is, you’ll be glad none of your competitors understand how you do the business. Allow US to help YOU become successful. 

If you have had the time or opportunity to walk into a “typical” dollar store, you will find 20-30 foil balloons displayed on the wall. These balloons are usually not inflated, and are taped directly to the wall. We believe this is not a balloon program at all, and will give you a huge opportunity for SUCCESS. 
We feel that it is important to DISTINGUISH your store from the rest of the marketplace. We suggest 100 designs if your store size will allow it. We suggest that you inflate one of each of the designs with FREE air, not helium (using a hand pump) and arrange them on the walls of your store ABOVE your slatwall or wall racks and the ceiling BY THEME. Approximately 50 % of the balloons you will receive from us will have a birthday theme. 
The inflated balloons should be attached to the wall by VELCRO and numbered 1 - 100. 
Normally we pick the balloons from our list of top sellers, by category. You are free to pick your own designs if you desire. BUT, if you allow us to pick your selections, we will “guarantee” the success of the various designs. If you find that a specific selection is not selling after you have put it on your wall and tried it for several months, you can return the unused ones to us, and pick another design from our huge selection with we will return in kind at no charge to you. In this way you can feel comfortable that the selections are picked to give you the best variety and from the balloons that are THE BEST in that category. Remember, not all balloons sell at the same rate, but it is IMPORTANT to have a wide variety of selections and a wide variety of occasions from which to pick. This guarantees SUCCESS in the balloon department. 
To organize the foil balloons, you should put the remaining balloons in file folders by your item # on the wall. Remember to put the UPC number on the inside of the file folder. All of your foil balloons can easily be stored in a two-drawer file cabinet or a box under the counter. They should be organized numerically to help you find the customer’s choice quickly. 



  • 18" Happy Birthday Balloons

  • 18" Baby Balloons

  • 18" Get Well Balloons

  • 18" Get Well and Congratulations Balloons 

  • 18" 18" Good Luck, Thank You, and Anniversary Balloons 

  • 18" I Love You Balloons

  • 18" Sports, Religious, and You're Special Balloons 

  • 18" Mom, Dad, Smiley, and Patriotic Balloons 

  • 18" Solid Color Foil Balloons