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In today's Discount Store environment, it is of vital importance that stores obtain the lowest price and access to a one stop source for all wholesale product and equipment needs. In this fascinating and competitive industry. Dollar Store Merchandise, was created to help Dollar Store Owners and Discount Merchandise stores purchase directly all Dollar Store Product and item needs as well as obtain catalogs, information, pricing and direct purchase order Forms. By eliminating Distributors, Jobbers, Intermediation, products and equipment for your store are the most competitive in the industry because they are supplied directly from the Import Dollar Store Supplier Warehouses (strategically located in all major cities New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles) and delivered directly anywhere in the USA and to shipping ports for Export overseas too to more than 100 countries. We are the Industry's most reliable source for Dollar Merchandise wholesale and Dollar Store supplier related products serving over 4500 Dollar Stores, Dollar Plus Stores, and Discount Chains nationwide and overseas. Our experienced staff will help walk you through all the product categories and help you choose the type of dollar store merchandise products that are right for you and your area and demographics. Check in with us to get the latest new product releases. We are committed to constantly update our products to provide the best possible Dollar Store Merchandise variety for your store at the most competitive prices in the industry.


The Dollar Store concept. Are you interested in opening a dollar store ? do you need a reliable dollar store wholesaler ??

As many economic retail sales studies have revealed, and as a forecast for the period of 2018 until at least 2030, Dollar Stores and Discount Stores are and will become the leading Retail Industry of our time due to the simple fact that shoppers want to save money no matter what economic situation they are in. We are helping more and more independently owned dollar stores open across the country and overseas. If you want us to help you open a dollar store at COST PRICE WITH EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED FROM A to Z INCLUDING EQUIPMENT AND BUILDOUT WITH OUR TRAINED CREW ON SITE, or if you need free assistance and consultation on doing a store yourself, call us toll free anytime at 1-877-549-5210 or also visit for more information on all the options that are available "a la carte" we will be glad to help you out. Our Buckstore Dollar Stores, Inc. division helps first time customers find a location for a dollar store, assess current locations, do demographic area studies, provide free layouts and planograms for a location, and provide help in developing a Customized Business Plan to satisfy lending institutions if necessary as well as Banks, Grants, and SBA Loan applicants. 

In conclusion, we are a "one stop source" for your Complete Dollar Store Development, Layout, Design, and most importantly wholesale merchandise and equipment supply of everything you need in a dollar store retail location. Wholesale Dollar Store Suppliers are not easy to find "all in one place" and under one roof, but we provide that for you in a very simple way and at wholesale cost price!